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About me

In 2013, I just started online trading after seeing an advertisement on the TV. Surprisingly, it was not a good idea because I lost all of my investments very quickly by trading short-term options on a platform where a proper analysis is not possible. I had no clue what I am doing there.

But anyway, I was hooked into the industry by trying to make money online with trading platforms. For many years I could not get a stable profit out of the markets. In addition, I started to share my experience on the internet, which helped me to learn deeper details and I wanted to show other people how it works. Overall, I can say, I researched multiple years and 90% of the internet to be a profitable trader. In this sense, I share my experience as an author and trader.

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My experience:

Forex trading:
I started trading forex more than 9 years ago and I still do it. I am focussing on price action movements, analyzing the higher timeframes, and getting entries in short-timeframes.
Day trading:
My main focus is not on day trading but sometimes I do it. From my experience, day trading is extremely difficult to do and beginners should not start with it.
Stock investments:
For long-term investments, I choose stocks to trade. I am using big macro trends for my investment choices.
Trading platforms:
I tested more than the 100 trading platforms, I will show you the best ones in detail. Get the best trading conditions by using my recommendations.
Futures trading:
Futures are the best way to do day trading. I combine order flow and technical analysis in strategies.
Writing & Youtube:
I started my own blogs and youtube videos 6 years ago. My history of trades and analysis is documented online.

Most asked questions by traders and beginners:

How much do you earn as a trader?

You can earn everything or nothing! It is all bout a numbers game. As a trader, you can choose between low-risk and high-risk strategies. WIth low risk, you may earn not a lot of money. With high risk, you can earn a lot of money. In addition, if you start with huge investment amounts, you can earn a lot of money. Always it is depending on what you put in. This changes the result. You can earn $ 1 per day or even $ 500.000 per day. Everything is possible.

Can you earn a lot of money with trading?

Yes, you can! It is no secret that people got rich by trading online. The newest example is cryptocurrency traders. Some of them got very lucky and rich too.

Can you do trading for a living?

You can do trading for a living. I recommend having different income sources besides trading. Because if you only do trading, you will have much pressure on you to make money.

How secure is forex trading?

Forex trading is very secure by using the right broker. But like any other financial product. Forex trading can be risky if you have no money management or do hard failures like no stop-losses or overleveraging. Forex trading is secure by using regulated forex brokers. I recommend the best platforms with good track records. Do your research before you sign up with any platform! It is important!

How much money do you need for online trading?

The minimum deposit of most trading platforms is only $ 10 or even $ 0. You can open positions with only $ 1 or less money. Some platforms offer micro-accounts. That means you have only some cents risk. But overall, it is depending on the asset and financial product you want to trade. For example, some stocks have a price of over $ 1,000.

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