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A trader with 9 years of experience

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About me

In 2013, I just started online trading after seeing an advertisement on the TV. Surprisingly, it was not a good idea because I lost all of my investments very quickly by trading short-term options on a platform where a proper analysis is not possible. I had no clue what I am doing there.

But anyway, I was hooked into the industry by trying to make money online with trading platforms. For many years I could not get a stable profit out of the markets. In addition, I started to share my experience on the internet, which helped me to learn deeper details and I wanted to show other people how it works. Overall, I can say, I researched multiple years and 90% of the internet to be a profitable trader. In this sense, I share my experience as an author and trader.

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Forex Trading
Day trading
Stock investments
Trading platforms
Futures trading
Writing & Youtube
I started trading forex more than 9 years ago and I still do it.
My main focus is not on day trading but sometimes I do it.
For long-term investments, I choose stocks to trade
I tested more than the 100 trading platforms, I will show your the best ones
Futures are the best way to do day trading. I combine order flow and technical analysis
I started my own blogs and youtube videos6 years ago

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